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UV tubes standard 9 W


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This 2-pin standard UV tube and lasts about 300 hours of operation.
This is an INDUCTION TUBE (See Explanation)

UV gels are cured by UV light. The adhesion of UV gels is directly related to the quality of the tubes. Philips tubes are suitable for most UV light curing devices with a 2-pin socket (induction start).

For explanation:
In the course of time, the same tube socket was used for imported devices with electronic starting as for induction starting. Which tube is now for your lamp??? It's easy to test!

If the light only builds up when the device is started (blinker - plinker - light on), then it is the induction start.
If the device starts by means of a light barrier and the light is on IMMEDIATELY (as with the light switch), then it is an electronic start.

You can choose your tube according to this criterion! When changing the tubes, please ALWAYS change ALL tubes at the same time (i.e. ALL 4 for a 4-tube device, ALL 5 for a 5-tube device, etc.)